How Medical Doctors Stuff 100 lbs of Information into their 3 lbs Brains & Crush Their Exams


How do Doctors demolish their exams in one of the most grueling and competitive courses on the planet? Could you too? 

In this first-of-its-kind insider’s view, your pal Dr.Sal - a family physician - demystifies the tricks, strategies, technologies, and study methods he and his medical student cohort employed to perform superhuman feats of cramming at medical school.

In just 36 months every medical student finds themselves facing a monstrous stack of books reaching from the floor to their necks that they MUST master, or go home. It's over one hundred pounds of intimidating fine print to cram. Each future doctor must learn HOW to learn to be able to stuff this volume of information into our limited 3 pound brains.

In this first of its kind expose on how we do it, you will see exactly how these feats of memory are achieved, and how you can learn the same strategies to master your own course of study.


You will be amazed at what you are actually capable of with the right prescriptive advice. Login above and let’s get started...

Video Course Study Contents​

  • Introduction

  • Your Brain OS [Operating System]

  • Motivation Rx - how to get yourself stoked about study.

  • Polymathlete Lifestyle - how to tweak 3 pillars for study success.

  • Smart Memory Rx - tricks to remember like a memory champion. 

  • Speed Reading Rx - how to read faster with more comprehension.

  • Smart Notes Rx - a superior way to take notes. 

  • Time Management Rx - how to do more with less time.

  • Smart Drug Rx [Nootropics] - brain performance enhancement meds. 

Playtime 1.5 hours. Insider tips and tricks hard to find anywhere else.

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"Just what I needed. Thanks guys :)"

"Jedi Mind Tricks for Students"

Study-Buddy Resources and Recommended Further Reading List

Module 4 Memory Rx:   

For a more exhaustive treatment of the memory techniques demonstrated in Study-Buddy, Moonwalking with Einstein examines the world of memory championships and the use of Memory Palaces - written by the 2006 USA Memory Champion. Super Memory Super Student has endured the test of time being in print now for 30 years and is stuffed with Major System examples and applications. 

Module 5 Speed Reading Rx:

Please click on the PDF below for a copy of the article showcased in the Study-Buddy video to practice your speed reading and note taking.  

Module 6 Speed Note Taking Rx: 

If you need more speed note practice to build your confidence then consider The Mind Map Book for more.

If interested in an erasable ink notepad for speed notes that scans straight to your cloud storage, check out the Rocketbook line. 

For traditional paper speed notes, get a 4-color pen to reduce switching color time. 

Module 8 Smart Drugs Rx: 

If you need a brain boost beyond caffeine to slog through some heavy coursework, Dr.Sal recommends a trial of Piracetam. Safe, and available without a prescription, Piracetam has helped many students with increased alertness and focus to get past their academic sticking points. 

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