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Buy an Anatomical Skull for $10 bucks.

Skull Replica
Affordable Human Skull resin replica

Wondering where you can get yourself a cool lifelike anatomical skull for around $10? Well I've saved you the trouble of comparison shopping. I scoured the web myself looking for a medical school type human skull replica that satisfied two criteria 1: it had to be a faithful rendition of the real mckoy and 2: not break the bank to get it (you'd be surprised how much some of these keepsakes cost).

My suggestion - Ebay. The search term I used was " Realistic Resin Human Skull Replica" I've featured what arrived a couple weeks later above. Looks pretty darn good for the price. Only downside is the more pricey models you can separate the top of the skull for a peep into the brain cavity. But it does pretty good justice to the exterior skull structures.


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