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Doctors use medical names for body parts to be precise. For example, if I say to a medical colleague, "there's a transverse fracture at the right 2nd distal interphalangeal joint" that is a lot more specific than for me to say "yeah she broke her finger doc". Medical names look awkward and tie your tongue in knots the first time they roll out of your mouth - sorry, buccal cavity - because they come mostly from another language... Latin. The following is my big list of commonly used body part names and their medical term equivalents. 

Body Part = Medical Name
Head = Cranium
Forehead = Frontalis
Eyeball = Globe
Eye Socket = Orbit
Eye Whites = Cornea
Eye Color = Iris
Eye Hole = Pupil
Ears = Pinna
Ear Canal =  External Meatus
Ear Drum = Tympanic Membrane
Nose bridge =  Nasal bones
Nostrils = Nares
Cheeks = Malar region
Cheek Bone = Zygomatic arch
Lips = Labia
Tongue = Lingulus
Mouth = Oral or Buccal Cavity
Gums = Gingiva
Upper Jaw = Maxilla
Lower Jaw =  Mandible
Chin = Mentis
Teeth = Dentition
Voice Box = Larynx
Adam's Apple = Thyroid Cartilage
Pit of Throat = Manubrial Notch
Swallow Pipe = Esophagus
Collar Bones = Clavicles
Shoulder Blade = Scapula
Chest Bone = Sternum
Ribs = Costal
Rib Joints = Costochondral joints
Pit of Stomach = Epigastrium
Navel = Umbilicus
Loins = Flank
Bladder Area = Suprapubic
Bird, Twat, Puss-, Cun-, Beaver = Vagina
Womb = Uterus
Bird, Junk, Weiner, Dic- = Penis
Foreskin = Prepuce
Balls, Nuts = Testicles
Bum, Butt, As- = Glutes or buttocks
Neck Spine = Cervical or C-spine
Mid Back Spine    Thoracic or T-spine
Lower Back Spine = Lumbar or L-spine
Spine Bones = Vertebrae
Tailbone = Coccyx
Shoulder = Deltoid
Armpit = Axilla
Upper Arm Bone = Humerus
Elbow = Olecranon

Elbow crease = Antecubital fossa
Funny Bone = Ulnar Nerve
Forearm Outer Bone  = Radius
Forearm Inner Bone = Ulna
Wrist = Metacarpals
Hand = Carpals
Fingers = Phalanges
Hips = Pelvis
Upper Leg Muscles = Quadriceps
Upper Leg Bone = Femur
Knee Cap = Patella

Behind Knee = Popliteal fossa
Shin Bone = Tibia
Ankle = Malleolus
Heel = Calcaneus
Foot Arch = Metatarsals
Toes = Phalanges
Great Toe = Hallux
Trunk = Torso
Breasts = Mammaries
Nipple = Areola
Brain = Cerebrum
Heart = Myocardium
Lungs = Pulmonary system
Liver = Hepatic system
Kidneys = Renal system
Digestive Tract = Alimentary Canal
Skin = Integumentary System
Baldness patch = Alopecia

Some body part names are used as impolite "bad" words. These names have their last letter blocked (-) so you can guess them but kids reading can't :)

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