70 Real Life Funny Doctor Names

I feel a special kinship to the following doctors with funny surnames having had to repeat my own surname on most phone purchases and interactions over my life. And as an intern I vividly remember walking across from my training hospital to an administration building when I came across a doctor's door shingle that made me burst out laughing. It was the office of one "Dr.Hazard". I imagined the distress this fellow must have felt as an intern like myself being paged in the hospital: "Calling Dr.Hazard, please report to the OR" or the angst of his professional introductions "Hello, I'm  Dr.HAZARD" (you can trust me, wink, wink). Was this the reason this gent chose to settle into administration?


Since then I have come across many other wacky doctor names stranger than fiction. Here is a list of seventy real life funny doctor names I came across giggling through RateMD.com's database a dog's age ago:

Dr. A. Butt - gastroenterologist.
Dr. A. Cockburn - urologist.
Dr. A. Kill - internist.
Dr. A. Strange - psychologist.
Dr. A. Paine - plastic surgeon.
Dr. B. Beaver - gynecologist.
Dr. B. Savage - surgeon.
Dr. B. Sick - internist.
Dr. B. Weiner - nephrologist.
Dr. B. Zipper - psychologist.
Dr. C. Bone - orthopedic surgeon.
Dr. C. Bratt - pediatrician.
Dr. C. Doolittle - oncologist.
Dr. C. Kwak - dermatologist.
Dr. C. Ow - radiologist.
Dr. C. Ram - chiropractor.
Dr. D. Coffin - emergency medicine.
Dr. D. Blades - neurosurgeon.
Dr. D. Blood - cardiologist.
Dr. D. Gore - surgeon.
Dr. D.Hirt - anesthesiologist.
Dr. D. Needle - surgeon.
Dr. D. Okay - family doctor.
Dr. D. Tickles - pediatrician.
Dr. E. Anger - family doctor.
Dr. E. Bozzo - psychologist.
Dr. E. Seaman - urologist.
Dr. F. Loo - gastroenterologist.
Dr. G. Hurt - neurosurgeon.
Dr. G. Mangle - internist.
Dr. G. Risk - emergency medicine.
Dr. H. Rambo - oral surgeon.
Dr. H. Hazard - endocrinologist.
Dr. J. Butcher - surgeon.
Dr. J. Croak - obstetrics & gynecology.
Dr. J. Die - pediatrician.
Dr. J. Dreading - dentist.
Dr. J. Hooker - pediatrician.
Dr. J. Klutz - family doctor.
Dr. J. Looney - psychiatrist.
Dr. J. Peek - gynecologist.
Dr. J. Rash - dermatologist.
Dr. K. Dick - psychologist.
Dr. K. Harm - family doctor.
Dr. K. Funk - surgeon.
Dr. L. Ono - psychologist.
Dr. L. Riddles - surgeon.
Dr. M. Achey - internist.
Dr. M. Bonebrake - surgeon.
Dr. M. Dick - obstetrics & gynecology.
Dr. M. Hogg - surgeon.
Dr. M. Poop - family doctor.
Dr. M. Sly - pediatrician.
Dr. N. Love - psychiatrist.
Dr. O. Lie - neurologist.
Dr. P. Slaughter - surgeon.
Dr. P. Yellin - psychologist.
Dr. R. Grunt - gastroenterologist.
Dr. R. Odor - psychologist.
Dr. R. Plack - cardiologist.
Dr. R. Pulse - anesthetist.
Dr. R. Wong - family doctor.
Dr. S. Fears - psychiatrist.
Dr. S. Yell - gynecologist.
Dr. T. Chopp - orthopedic surgeon.
Dr. T. Grim - family doctor.
Dr. T. Hackman - ENT.
Dr. V. Mangler - family doctor.
Dr. W. Rush - family doctor.
Dr. W. Warning - family doctor.

If first impressions really count I wonder how some of these doctors fare. Dr. Kill must make for some awkward introductions and polite conversation behind their back. And how far would your trust meter deflect for Drs. Bozzo, Kwak, Klutz, or Warning? Would you hesitate to go under a knife wielded by Dr. Slaughter? Oh have a pap test with Dr. Yell? While some of these doctors may have trouble making car payments with names that make patients think twice, others may have an unfair advantage through toilet humor. If Dr.Cockburn was a urologist in my area he'd have all of my urological referrals... I mean how could I forget his name, honestly?

I have made peace with my own tongue twisting surname. People may choke on it, but better that than to croak on it - apology to you Dr.Croak :)

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